Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Computer Games

"He was an 18-year-old Marine headed to war.

She was an attractive young woman sending him off with pictures and lingerie.

Or so each one thought."
If you're thinking: "Uh oh - THIS isn't going to end well," You're right...

The quote that leads off this posting is from an old Associated Press Article that made the rounds back in January, when this first came to my attention. This month's Wired Magazine picks up the story, both online, and in print, and goes into some of the rather bizarre details, including a seriously creepy IM exchange.

With two forty-somethings both pretending to be teenagers, and each thinking the other was on the level, there was no way that this story was going to have a happy ending. Their youthful alter-egos were even engaged to be married. Somehow this all makes people running around in the woods with boffer weapons pretending to be dragonslayers seem to be a perfectly normal pastime...

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