Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Teapot Tempest

About a month ago, two men "were seen behaving unusually aboard several Washington state ferries." So now the FBI is looking for them. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran a short story about the FBI search, but they didn't run the pictures of the men, citing that the men were neither considered suspects or charged with any crimes. Thus starts yet another of the bizarre teapot tempests that pass for controversies here in the Emerald City. Some days, I'm positive that the Scarecrow would be right at home here. This whole thing has spiraled wildly out of control. Of course, the P-I didn't help matters any by making the story the subject of their Daily Haiku. It seems that someone in the conservative media decided that a little outrage was in order, and suddenly the P-I's weblogs were chock full of comments by anonymous users questioning everything from their patriotism to their intelligence. We'll see how long it takes for things to return to normal. I give it until the weekend.

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