Tuesday, May 1, 2007

THAT Was Fast

The backstory - July 2005. Two men enter a barn near Enumclaw, Washington. Man A has anal sex with a horse, while Man B videotapes it. Man A dies from a ruptured colon. Washington is scandalized and the legislature works quickly to remove the state from the short list of states in which bestiality was not illegal.

Fast forward. The movie "Zoo," which is part documentary and part narrative drama, tells the story, and also delves into the zoophile community. It was first released earlier this year, and is coming to Seattle in the next fortnight. Unsurprisingly, a local newspaper does a story about the movie. There's a Soundoff attached to the story, with the tired question "What do you think?" (This is the default question, when no better one can be thought up, I guess.) There are seven comments in the reader forum, and then, at the bottom: "Commenting on this article has been disabled." The comments that are still there are fairly tame, and the timestamps only span a little more than two hours. If you read the paper first thing on Tuesday, you were already too late to post anything.

Suddenly, I'm dying to see just how south the discussion went, before the P-I pulled the plug, locked the doors, and sanitized the area.

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