Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday Drivers

Yesterday, I went riding in golf carts.

It's the new thing. If you go to view the homes in an apartment or condominium complex, they'll likely bundle you into a little golf cart, and drive over to the unit that they'd like to show you. In some cases, I can understand this. Some of the apartment complexes around here have swallowed up their neighbors, or expanded, and can be pretty big (even though they're not normally THAT huge). But for some of them, where it's only maybe 200 yards from one end to the other, does it really make sense to ride over in a golf cart, as opposed to walking? Sometimes, it seems that were so obssessed with convenience that we lose all sense of anything else. I'm perfectly capable of walking three buildings over to see a model, or a vacant unit. And gold carts aren't fast enough that it's a huge time savings, and the speed bumps slow things down anyway. And you lose the chance to just stroll through the property, and see what's around.

I understand that for handicapped people, this is a real boon, and something that shows them that the property recognizes their disability. But for the rest of us, it just seems... unnecessary. And it's not like we couldn't use the exercise.

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